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Get a head start on your Writers & Readers School Day and join RA Spratt for an hour and a half of comedy writing fun. 

Hear about the strange series of events that led to RA Spratt unexpectedly getting a job as a TV comedy writer, then inadvertently winding up as a children’s TV writer, before surprising herself by becoming a children’s author. She will reveal what it’s like to be a professionally funny writer.

Topics she will cover in the workshop include:

  • how she ended up being an author even though English was her worst subject at school
  • where her ideas come from
  • how she develops characters
  • how animation influences her books
  • how to write action that “looks” cool
  • how to structures stories.

This workshop is a part of our Writers & Readers Schools Day, bringing leading authors, illustrators, comics creators and Wellington students together across six inspiring sessions and two workshops. Create your own itinerary from the downloadable programme below. 

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Includes workshop 9.30am–11am plus two Writers & Readers Schools Day sessions of your choice.

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