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Blogging The Bloggs

29 March 2017

Artist Nicola Jackson talks us through three of the works in her new exhibition.


Nicola Jackson, Doppelgänger, 2017, painted papier-mâché, courtesy of the artist

The Bloggs, Nicola Jackson, until Monday 5 June, Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

There is Fred Bloggs and there is The Bloggs and there is us. When you visit my installation at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, you might be visiting the Blogg family in their parlour or you might be visiting a museum or gallery. Whichever it is, you will be experiencing artworks that look at what it is that links us together – what it is that makes us human.


Nicola Jackson, Plucked, 2017, painted papier-mâché, courtesy of the artist.

Doppelgänger and Plucked are both paintings layered with readings. Doppelgänger is the story of one person, presenting to the viewer a portrait showing what is on the surface and another portrait that is a record of what has happened in the person’s life. Plucked is portraying a more universal perspective with a social commentary on what I see as the high status placed on hairlessness in modern society. A cautionary tale for those who may take it too far and lose a face.

Old Salt

Nicola Jackson, Old Salt, 2017, painted papier-mâché, courtesy of the artist.

Old Salt is one of several heads in the exhibition and is presented as a study of a certain type of character, when in fact he is based on a real person, JP van Dyne, last seen in 1957 and known as the Worst Man in the World.

The exhibition is designed to be experienced as a whole. You are invited in … make of it what you will.

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